There is a congregation of ideas that swim above our heads in a reality untapped by most. These collective inventions are not owned by individuals, but are manifested into existence by those who have the compulsion to step aside and allow the ideas to find a form.

And so, THE ACID came to be, driven by the sheer will of a concept that birthed itself through the favourable fervor of experienced producers. The Acid is a kind of vehement expression of a puppeteering energy that manipulated circumstances to bring together a group of artists who had long been apart.

A force that took over and allowed Adam Freeland, Ry X and Steve Nalepa to finally come together and pour out an album that had been yearning to exist. The Acid aims to craft wonderment through the audience with a sound that awakens even the most complacent individuals.

To be totally honest, the idea of The Acid as an entity separate to the people that create it was not one I came to on my own accord. This idea was relayed to me by Freeland over green smoothies and powerful conversations in a Bondi cafe last week. Although it is not my own thought, I put great faith into it. It is so easy to undermine the creative process of music producers, but Freeland will convince any skeptic that this music chose them, and they were just tuned in enough to step aside and let the bubbling energies solidify into an album.

The boys came together at an opportune moment; Freeland was back in Los Angeles and happened to bump into Ry X at an event after meeting him only briefly years before. The two found reality on their personal growths and decided to collaborate. It just so happened that Freeland had decided to get back into music making on that trip and had booked the studio at his good friend Steve Nalepa’s home the next day. It took only one week for the album to take shape.

Right now, the members are keeping a low profile. They’re still working out how to explain their existence as a band to the greater public without sounding too cosmic. You can call it a serendipitous encounter, or you can see it as the divine forces of The Acid working it’s magic that created this album. Whatever you call it, just be sure to take note, because if you’re not awe struck and stirred, then you’re not paying attention.