Bat For Lashes is single and looking. She wants a nice husband. She said so herself. I know she doesn’t need pimping out, but I told her I’d write a piece about her wanting a good man, so I am. And lets face it; I’m telling you your dreams might come true.

Oh yeah, she also has a new album out. We had a quick chat about it.

The album is stripped back and your vocals are very much at the forefront. Why did you decided to take that approach this time around?

I think when I started the demo at home I was recording beats and big bass lines and putting the vocals up really load with much reverb, like you say, its sort of upfront. I think it was probably to do with the fact that on the second album I used a lot of reverb and layers and percussions and I really wanted to strip that all the way and make this much more of a direct and more emotionally bold record.

It’s not just the music that’s stripped back though; you’re on the album cover with, sorry I couldn’t find the name of the guy, who is that?

His name is Ivan - he’s an American. He was a guy that Ryan Mcginley (the photographer) had worked with and I chose him because I thought that he looked right, also he was slim and the same height as me. The fact that I had to carry him for 5 or 6 hours had to come into consideration. It was pretty intense, but he was lovely. I was really happy that I did it in the end.

How did they get him up there? And did they have to tape his dick to his leg so you didn’t get an awkward moment of dick to cheek?

Oh no we had loads of awkward moments. (laughs) They definitely didn’t tape it down; it was free. (laughs) He would go up onto this little wheelie trolley with like a platform and then they [assistants] had to sort of lower him over my shoulders into the right positioning. Then I would grab onto him and they would move away and I would probably be able to hold him for like 4-5 minutes and then I’d have to lower him down myself. I did that over and over again all day. My whole body was aching.

You haven’t done any retouching so it’s just a raw and exposed image of you naked for the world to see.

Yeah there’s no make-up, no Photoshopping, no retouching going on.

That’s very brave, and I mean, you’re beautiful so it doesn’t really matter, but its still very brave to put yourself out there.

Thanks! I guess I just felt like women need to be represented in a more natural way and I was sort of getting disenchanted with how women are presented in the media; photoshopped and plastic surgery and super unrealistic imagery that’s really just the norm now. So I felt like representing a slightly different angle on that.

So… are you seeing anyone now? I have to ask, everybody loves you here.

I’m not actually. So I’m on the look out for a nice husband.

I’ll put the word out: ‘Bat For Lashes single and looking!’ That will be the headline and we’ll just make the article about that.

(laughs) Ok cool! Thanks!

So I stayed true to my word, you just read that article, now go spruce up because she will be here in January.

The Haunted Man is out now. Enjoy.